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From a small shop in Jatujak market over a decade ago, Dry Clean Only has been constantly on an upward spiral. Founded on sheer passions, determinations and a tinge of daring naiveté, Dry Clean Only breaths a new, dazzling life onto discarded, neglected items, turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces that vocalize individuality, fragile power and beautiful struggles—an understated, twisted luxury emerging from incessant creativity. 

Dry Clean Only appropriates existing mass produced components, and transforms industrial products into high arts of craftsmanship by match making subsisting items with new materials and techniques, resulting in new, thoughtful and individualized end products. 

As the brand grows, the one-by-one handcrafted sensibility still persists, its united directions, however, become more celebrated with each passing collection. 

The unifying force of Dry Clean Only’s design philosophy stems from imperfections, broken refinements, satirical design messages and—most importantly—uncompromising rebellious spirits.